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Rattan Power Presses Pvt. Ltd.

Used Power Presses by Rattan Power Presses comes with 6 month Warranty as being in Power Press Manufacturer We Import & Supply Quality Reconditioned/ refurbished Used Power Presses, Used Hydraulic Power Press, Used CNC Power Presses, Used Forging Presses, Used Cross Shaft Power Press, Used knuckle Joint Press, Used High Speed / Heavy Duty Power presses, Used Cross Shaft Presses Machines in India.

Beside 200 ton Used power Press, 150 ton Used Power Press, 500 ton Used Power press Rattan power Presses also Import 1000 ton power press, 1500 ton Power press, 2000 ton power press etc.

About Company :- Rattan Power Presses Pvt. Ltd. is into importing, buying, selling, trading, marketing and distribution of used machinery at a global scale with Germany, USA, Japan and UK being our most trusted sources of imports.

WHY Rattan Power Presses?

Rattan Power Press is the leading Manufacturer of Power Presses in India. Beside Manufacturing power press We also Import used & refurbished Power presses in India. Used Power Presses imported by India are thoroughly Checked by our team of highly qualified and experienced technicians.

All Used Power Presses Supplied by Rattan Power presses are through Inspected and tested by our qualified Engineers. With incisive Insights into the industry’s modus Operandi in addition to a deep understanding of the market dynamics, we are ideally suited to match your expectations in both the automatic and manual machine segments…………….


We Buy & Sell All Types Of Used Power Presses.

Established Suppliers of new and used Power Presses and sheet metalworking Presses.

Used Power Presses 200 Ton

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Used Cross Shaft Press 500 Ton

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Used Hydraulic Presses 1000 Ton

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Used Forging Presses 1200 Ton

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Used Mechanical Presses 1000 Ton

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Used Power Press Machine

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